Children of the Whirlwind

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Dartford Excelsior – Old Woman Cover

In the Text, an old Duchess maintains a mysterious atmosphere around her causing everyone to wonder who she is and where she has come from.

In this course, students will dive into an exam-level text, where they will practice active reading, undertake vocabulary studies, identify language techniques, and begin learning how to put together strong responses.

What makes a story stick in your mind? What makes a piece of writing make you want to stand up and take action? How do some writers have the ability to capture your imagination and take you on a journey into worlds they constructed from scratch in your mind?

That is the power of great writing. Great writers pass on their emotions and ideas to their readers using powerful language and structure techniques.

In our Reading courses, students will dive into amazing stories that will stretch their vocabulary, introduce them to powerful literary techniques, and show them examples of how writers create wonderful characters and landscapes. They will learn how to read actively so that they are able to simultaneously read for meaning, context and techniques.

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