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These papers are taken from the 11 Plus entrance exams for Dulwich College, a competitive independent school in London.

To master mathematics is to master logical thinking. It is an essential skill that we make use of in our everyday lives.

Most professions require us to have a solid understanding of mathematics, not just because it shows that we can work with numbers, but because it shows that we know how to work through an assignment methodically, thinking about all the possible options, making decisions about which way to go, and then communicating our choices clearly in writing.

Maths is therefore an extremely important and rewarding skill that allows students to hone their problem-solving skills.

The DE Method

Here at Dartford Excelsior, we don’t just teach our students to pass the exam, we take the time to teach them how to think mathematically. Sometimes when studying maths, students get caught up in the need to find the right answer when in fact maths is about more than the right answer (though the right answer is important!), it is about the story of how you got to the right answer.

If you can master mathematical story telling you will develop skills far beyond what is necessary to pass an exam. You will be able to think through problems confidently, break them down into their various parts and resolve them one by one. These skills are essential for any future career, be it academic or professional.

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